The US will pay upto $10million

…if you can ID a foreign election hacker With an end goal to prevent the foreign election interference, the US Department of State declared something as the 2020 US presidential election is less than 100 days away where the announcement says that it’s offering up to $10 million for any data that can distinguish somebody who’s been interfering in a US political decision.

In particular, the State Department is proposing the award for data prompting the ID or area of any individual who works with or for a foreign government to meddle with U.S. elections that’s through certain unlawful cyber activities. In February, intelligence authorities said Russia is as ofnow intruding in the 2020 campaign on the side of President Trump’s re-election. In that equivalent month, authorities additionally said Russia was interfering in the Democratic essentialto help Bernie Sanders.

Foreign interference is apparently effectively present in the current year’s political election as November moves close. US elections are likewise confronting expected issues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Notwithstanding, political race specialists told our sister site Vox that numerous states face issues in front of November, from delays in the vote via mail ballots forms being conveyed to survey laborer deficiencies causing longer hold up times at surveying locations.

The same number of stress over making a beeline for the surveys on political decision day because of a paranoid fear of getting the infection, a few states are selecting to permit vote via mail to attempt to help contain the spread.

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