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Go to, enter the 25-digit McAfee activation code and redeem the key. McAfee Activate allows you to install the McAfee product application on your device. McAfee antivirus is an extensive security suite to keep your computer safe from threats, malware and best known for antivirus and antispam products. Each product requires an activation key and McAfee account to start McAfee activate and installation.

Mcafee activation

How do I activate my McAfee Retail Card?

  • Click to redeem your product key.
  • Enter the unique activation code found on your Retail Card or eCard..
  • Follow our onscreen steps to download and install your security app.


You’ll have to follow three basic steps for McAfee Activate:-

  1. Visit 
  2. Enter McAfee activation product code 
  3. Sign In and install the software/app.

Here are all guidelines to show you how to redeem, activate, download, and install the McAfee antivirus program and use the McAfee login account for additional benefits. Check all details below.


McAfee Activate Product Key – What is it and where to find?

McAfee Activate Product Key is available in a physical retail card and digital license copy (eCard) as well. The retail card or eCard of McAfee product carries 25 alphanumeric characters code, and the card suggests you visit product key product key

Where is your McAfee activation code?

McAfee activation code helps you activating the McAfee antivirus product using the code. If you purchase Macfee retail card from a retailer, then find out the code shown under XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX- XXXXX. If you bought a digital license, see order confirmation mail to find out the code. 


How do you create a McAfee account? – McAfee login

McAfee account login is the first step you’ll always need to go for, therefore make sure you already have signed up for McAfee my account. If you still don’t have McAfee account, follow below: login login
  1. Creating a McAfee account is single time process and can be finished easily.
  2. Search for McAfee my account.
  3. Open McAfee activate portal i.e., 
  4. webpage is also another way to log in.
  5. Select “Login” from the top to open McAfee my account page.
  6. Click “Register Now.”
  7. Enter valid details, including name, email, and password next.
  8. Read McAfee user agreement and click “I Agree.”
  9. If required, verify the McAfee account by clicking on the link you receive in the email.  
  10. Next time when McAfee asks to sign in, enter this account credentials to log in.

How to Redeem McAfee Retail Card?

McAfee retail card comes with a code key, and if you check its backside, instructions are shown to redeem the code. Follow below;

  • Go through the URL recommended on your Mcafee retail card.
  • The redemption link is mostly –, hence visit here.
  • Type the code on the shown box by finding it from the retail card.
  • You may require to McAfee login if an account is not already signed in.
  • Click “Submit” and complete the redemption.

How do you activate McAfee product key?

McAfee product key activation of 25 digits unique is a must so you can step forward to install the software. Here’s how you can activate your McAfee product key:-

  • It’s an online process to activate and start your McAfee product using the key.
  • Step 1- Go to or click
  • Step 2- On the Enter Your Code box, type the 25 digits McAfee activation code.
  • Step 3- Enter the email address associated to the Mcafee account.
  • Step 4- Click ‘Next.’
  • Step 5- Select the country and language.
  • Step 6- Follow onscreen prompts to activate the McAfee product subscription.

How do I download McAfee on my computer?

Make sure you redeem your McAfee product key before you download McAfee or installation. Then, follow the below instructions:-

McAfee Download for PC –

  1. The very first step you should take is, visit
  2. Redeem the McAfee product key by entering on the activation page.
  3. If you already redeemed the McAfee code, click ‘Go to My Account.’
  4. Sign in to your McAfee login account.
  5. Go to ‘Subscriptions’ and look for your McAfee subscription.
  6. Select ‘Add Device’ and choose your device, i.e., Windows, Mac, etc.
  7. Hit on the ‘Download’ option.
  8. Choose the McAfee download product you wish to install.
  9. Again, click ‘Download’ and wait for a complete download.


Before you install McAfee on your system –

  • Remove other security products or conflict programs.
  • Close all the background apps.
  • Close the web browser you used to visit
  • Make sure your system is ready to install McAfee.

Where do I enter my McAfee product key?

The product key used to activate McAfee, hence enter the code correctly:-

  1. Open the McAfee official website, i.e.,
  2. Enter your McAfee account credentials and login.
  3. Activate option should be available on the right side.
  4. Enter the product key. Look from retail card or eCard.
  5. Click Activate.
  6. McAfee product is ready to use.

How to install McAfee software on Windows PC?

Here is the complete guide to installing the McAfee antivirus program on your Windows PC:-

Step 1 – Download McAfee software

  • Open webpage.
  • Sign in with a McAfee account.
  • Download the McAfee product.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Windows System

  • Update your Windows system.
  • After you download McAfee, close all the background software.
  • Remove the older McAfee version and conflict software as well.
  • Close all browsers.

Step 3 – Start the McAfee program installation
  • Click Save, Save As, or Run from the browser you used.
  • Open the location you saved while downloaded from
  • Double click on the .exe file to start the installation.

Step 4 – Accept McAfee antivirus software license

  • If you see the control user account prompt, click YES.
  • Click Continue.
  • Read software license agreement policy and terms.
  • Click ‘I Agree’ or ‘Continue.

Step 5 – Activate McAfee & Finish Installation

  • If you already activate the McAfee product key, the software will ask you to Sign In.
  • If you see the Activation code box, enter the McAfee product code and click activate.
  • Log in to the McAfee account via the Sign In tab.
  • Follow the remaining steps that appear on your Windows screen.
  • Restart your PC to start McAfee software.  

How do you install McAfee on Mac?

McAfee antivirus is available for a good range of devices; hence it’s easy for a user to install the program on mac devices. Check below and follow the steps:-

  • Make sure your mac pc has no other security products.
  • Go through the site.
  • Download McAfee product for your Mac pc.
  • Locate the folder where you saved the McAfee program file.
  • Double click on the MacInstaller-x.x.dmg file.
  • Close your Mac browsers to ensure that the plug-in installs correctly.
  • Double click on the McAfee-MacInstaller icon.
  • Enter your Mac administrator credentials when prompted.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to activate the software.
  • Click finish after McAfee is installed on your Mac.

How to Know your Activation Key is Redeemed/activated or not?

Check the below instructions to know if you’ve successfully redeemed the McAfee/Activate key or not.

  • Visit page.
  • Enter product code and other asked details.
  • If the McAfee subscription code has already been redeemed, you’ll get a message with the email address associated to McAfee.  
  • If you get any error notification, it indicates your McAfee code doesn’t redeem/activated yet.

How do I start a McAfee scan?

After complete McAfee installation through, the software starts the automatic scan. However, you can start the McAfee scan manually. Follow the below steps to start a manual McAfee scan:
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Ensure your McAfee account is logged in at
  • Open McAfee antivirus by clicking on its desktop shortcut.
  • Now, go to the Start menu.
  • Tap on the McAfee Scan option.
  • McAfee will start scanning your device.
  • You might see an update prompt, so update the McAfee Security Scan software. 
  • The scanning report will appear on your display.  

How do I install McAfee on my phone?

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your McAfee account.
  3. Open subscription and click Download.
  4. Click Send Link option.
  5. Download the McAfee app on your Smartphone.  
  6. You can also use your device app store, i.e., Google Play Store, to download Mobile Security. 
  7. Install the McAfee Mobile Security on your mobile phone.
  8. Open the app and select Find Device or Back Up.
  9. You can choose premium if you have a McAfee product key.

Troubleshooting Errors – McAfee Activate

Does McAfee Security fail to download?

You should check your internet connection and reload the site to download McAfee security.

McAfee software isn’t installed properly?

If McAfee software installation fails, then you should check basic system requirements for the current product you tried to install. Then, try McAfee reinstallation.

McAfee Activation Key Not Working?

If you’ve entered the McAfee activation key correctly at and followed all instructions correctly, the key will be redeemed. However, if you experience an error prompt, then:

  • Recheck or reenter the McAfee activation code.
  • Make sure the key isn’t redeemed already.
  • Don’t use the older product key.

Your subscription expired?

You’ll receive an automatic prompt to renew your McAfee subscription, so you can check the complete notification to renew your subscription. Or you can visit or its store and renew the McAfee product.      

McAfee software get stuck?  

If you experience software hang or are stuck in the middle, check for malware and remove them. Then reinstall the McAfee antivirus.

You can contact the McAfee support team to resolve other issues or get technical support quickly.

Note:- We provide the complete installation guide to user to activate McAfee antivirus. Utilization of McAfee Name, logo, images, and trademarks are just to help users get a better experience while installing the McAfee antivirus software.