Dogecoin sees a surge again


Dogecoin has seen yet another surge in its value this Tuesday, hitting the mark with the record of 60 cents. The spoof turned out to be a valuable asset since it first saw a jump to 43 cents. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency’s value was only 1 cent back in January 2021, and it has just touched a new landmark seeing sensational growth.

The value of Dogecoin can be observed elevating each day. In contrast, when Tesla Ceo and Dogecoin supporter Elon Musk first shared a post related to Dogecoin in his Twitter account, the biggest leap was observed. He is constantly sharing the posts pertaining to this cryptocurrency-turned-spoof. He has recently tweeted the caption The Dogefather SNL May 8, referring to his upcoming show in Saturday Night Live on May 8.

The trading platforms such as Gemini and eToro have enlisted Dogecoin to be among the fastest-growing cryptocurrency. The Dogecoin can be bought through the eToro platform. eToro has around 20 million current users. The demand for Dogecoin has risen drastically, due to which another trading platform Robinhood, is facing the massive issue.

Among the existing cryptocurrencies, most of us are likely to know about only Bitcoin or Ethereum, the largest blockchain units. But they are not the only cryptocurrencies one can seek to invest into. There lie many other smaller units of cryptocurrencies, also known as the altcoins or shitcoins, pennies, or coins of the cryptocurrencies. They are of certain uses and have some features in usability. While, memecoins, for example, the Dogecoin, go through the crests and troughs in value as per the popularity.

People looking forward to earning some profits can invest in Dogecoin as its transfer speed is faster than bitcoin. There are several online platforms you can consider for investing in Dogecoin. Some of them are eToro, Robinhood, GEMINI, coinbase, VOYAGER, BlockFi, Coinmama, and

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