Snapchat gets augmented reality Legos


  • Snapchat is going to launch a new augmented reality called “Connected Lenses.”
  • This version of augmented reality will let the users play and build the same Lego model without being in the same physical space.
  • The latest version will soon be released and be available for download. The existing users can update their Snap app once the feature gets released.

Snapchat is all prepared to launch a new type of augmented reality “Connected Lenses.” This fascinating feature will let the users enjoy an augmented reality experience along with the game, even being away from each other physically.

Snapchat has collaborated with Lego to come up with its first-ever Connected Lens. It will let the users play Lego and construct a model together in augmented reality even if they are not in the same space. This gets possible through internet connections all over the world.

Snapchat shared a video demonstrating how the two different users are able to see the same floating Lego on their respective table tops in their homes. They can be seen adding parts to it, putting effects and animations to the real-time model, visible for both the users at the same time.

This latest upgradation by the company has expanded its horizon to get to augmented reality lenses, including the renowned photo filter lenses. The photo filter lenses are Snapchat’s Landmarker lenses that work as an interface for famous landmarks in augmented reality, and the community-sourced Lens Explorer.

The Landmarkers Lens launched on 4th April 2019, is built with an objective to revive the world’s most beautiful and renowned places. These lenses were designed by none other than Snapchat users to transform these famous locations into animated characters.

Snapchat’s Lens Studio will be used by the developers to construct a new Connected Lens. The latest multi-user Lego Lens is set to be released soon on Lego’s Snapchat profile.

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