Apple’s foldable phone coming soon

Apple's foldable phones.png

The speculations are out regarding Apple’s foldable phone that may be on a course of launching in the year 2023. The reverent tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has spilt beans and marked his words suggesting that Apple may be looking forward to launching an 8-inch QHD+ foldable phone featuring a flexible OLED display.

The analyst predicts that foldable phones will soon turn out to be essential possessions for the tech brands where Apple will be in the leading position, as usual. He goes on to predict the production of foldable phones to be 15-20 million units by 2023.

The Apple rival companies such as Samsung, Motorola, and Royole have already launched the early tech executions of foldable phones on various instances, seen in the past.

As per Ming-Chi Kuo, the foldable phone launched by Apple will be the size of iPad Mini on folding that may be a Samsung prototype to convert a phone into a tablet. It doesn’t seem to take the Z Flip or Moto Razr approach of having a compact folding device.

The makers of the folding display for these Apple phones is yet undecided. However, Apple has been rumoured to be working closely with LG or Samsung. Both these phone companies are known for producing the exciting range of successful foldable phones. The recent speculations suggest that the display would be in the range of 7.3–7.6 inches, and the phone will support Apple Pencil.

The prediction has fetched pleasure among the fans, but the excitement seeks rest for some time until its launch in 2023. Apple’s approach may be similar to that of other tech companies. Still, it’s expected that Apple’s version of the foldable phones may be available with all the bug fixes, the right technology and the perfect design to make it work better than the existing foldable phone brands.

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