Dish Network will acquire Republic Wireless

It’ll boost its 5G network’s adoption.

Dish Network, the Satellite television provider, announced on Monday said about its next plan where it’ll acquire cell carrier Republic Wireless. The acquisition will give roughly 200,000 wireless customers to Dish when it closes, which will help boost its 5G network. Deal’s financial terms were not disclosed, however Dish states that any immediate changes won’t be happening to Republic Wireless customers’ plans as well as won’t need to make any move on their accounts.

In last year’s telecom business, Dish turned into a significant player when it finalized a $1.4 billion acquisition of Sprint’s Boost Mobile business, as part of a sale Sprint was needed to make to converge with T-Mobile. Later this year, Dish plans to launch the 5G network.

Since Dish has signaled its goals to release a 5G network in the US by purchasing up costly spectrum and small cell carriers acquire such as Ting Mobile, to gain the vital and essential technology and the user based to convert investments into suitable future businesses.

Republic Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator or simply called an MVNO, that from T-Mobile leases network infrastructure.

According to a press release, Relay offers productivity and communication solutions for frontline teams in facilities management, hospitality, healthcare, and education, manufacturing, and it’ll become a wholesale client on Dish’s 5G network.

Similar to the Ting acquisition, which gave access to Ting parent company Tucows’ backend mobile services to Dish, the acquisition of Republic Wireless will transform the existing Relay division of carrier into a Dish’s telecom push’s vital tool. Dish says that Relay will keep on being an independent business, however it will also become a 5G network division’s customer.

John Swieringa, Dish COO, said through a statement that Republic has made a loyal following and set up a brand known for customer service and value, innovation and they plan to create upon that strong foundation.

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